A picture speaks a 1000 words, and the moving picture is becoming more and more the internationally understood and all-encompassing language in the age of global communication across the internet.

Since 1989, the creative minds in the team with the sister company ATLANTIS TV & Medienproduktion GmbH have specialised in the production of both fictional and non-fictional films for TV, cinema, large-screen presentations and the web.

This includes inter alia advertising films, TV documentaries, features, short films, music videos, corporate videos, infomercials, training films, live recordings, moving stage settings and smartphone clips.

With our own HD technology for production and post-production, cooperation with 3D and SFX specialists, as well as recording studios (Green Screen) and a team established for many years for any challenge, even complex productions can be carried out reliably.

The field of moving pictures requires a great deal of knowledge and pleasure in current technical developments, trends and new narrative forms in recording and editing. This also includes the areas of gaming, apps and social media.